I am a Brooklyn based theater director working primarily on new adaptations, site-specific works, and contemporary reworkings of the classics. I am interested in telling urgent, contemporary, and inclusive stories that resonate with today’s audience by invoking the histories that shape us. 

I hold a BA in Theater (double concentration in Directing and Performance Studies) and English from Muhlenberg College, and I have apprenticed with the Elm Shakespeare Company, Civic Theatre of Allentown, and Shakespeare on the Sound. 

My approach to directing splices together actions I value most dearly: the creation of community, the excavation of language into action, the initiation of dialogue among strangers, and the desire to all this beautifully, even artfully.

In addition to directing, I pursue these goals in scholarship and theater education. My research on dramatic adaptations of the Celtic myth Lognes mac N’Uisleann led to a 90+ page thesis, a conference presentation, and the development of my play, Deirdre. I have also pioneered theatre education initiatives for children ages 5-18 in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. 

At its core, I see theatre as the meeting of the body and the word, or the meeting of many bodies over many words— a collective formed over the course of an embodied narrative. When it’s good, you breathe with it. You hold your breath with it. Then, you realize everyone else is caught on their inhale, too. I'm just trying to get us to synch up, if only for a little while.