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I am a New York based theatre maker, educator, and administrator. I’m sometimes other things, too— a researcher, dramaturg, producer, etc.— when those other things feed my obsession with stories and the people who tell them. I grew up in Connecticut, so I have very strong feelings about pizza and.

My why: 

At its core, I see theatre as the meeting of the body and the word, or the meeting of many bodies over many words— a collective formed over the course of an embodied narrative. When it’s good, you breathe with it. You hold your breath with it. Then, you realize that everyone else is caught on their inhale, too. I’m just trying to get us to synch up, if only for a little while. 

My work: 

I have directed, devised, and developed work across the US and in Ireland, including New York productions at WOW Cafe Theatre, the Plaxall Gallery, and the Center at West Park. I have also created site-specific work at the Pier House (Inis Mór, Ireland), Whiting Mills (Winsted, CT), my actual kitchen/cyberspace (Austin, TX/elsewhere), and in various locations with A Broken Umbrella Theatre (New Haven, CT). I’ve completed and observerships with the Rude Mechs and SDCF, including my work on Erica Schmidt’s Mac Beth at Red Bull Theatre (Off-Broadway, NYT Critics Pick). 

As an arts administrator, I have held positions as Artistic Associate at The Dare Tactic, Education Coordinator at Shakespeare on the Sound, and Dramaturgy Co-Chair for the largest student-produced performance festival in the country, the Cohen New Works Festival. I have also had the pleasure of working with Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, The Artist Co-Op, Shakespeare on the Sound, Civic Theatre of Allentown, Rude Mechs, and Texas Folklife. I’m particularly proud of Theatre Arts at Jefferson Elementary, a theatre education program I founded and coordinated that is now entering its fourteenth semester. 

My scholarly work lets me blend research and teaching to dive deep into questions about theatre as an art and an industry. I recently earned a master’s degree in Performance as Public Practice with a graduate certificate in Arts & Cultural Management & Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas- Austin. My Master’s thesis examined the strategic utility of theatrical adaptation in the face of global capitalism, and my other research interests include  myth on stage, U.S. commercial theatre, transmedia theatrical production, and theatre in the global economy. While at UT, I worked as a research assistant to Dr. Paul Bonin-Rodriguez and as a graduate assistant in the UT School of Undergraduate Studies Assessment Office. As a teacher, I urge students to be thoughtful, active consumers of theatrical events and intentional, collaborative theatre practitioners. Of course, I also aim to be both of these things myself.

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Cuter than the picture where I tried to pose like a crab _#coasttocoast
Hey 2016
One time I did Macbeth and it was awesome
endjoke___Muses Coffee House 2016
Ireland was just really cool, okay_ __Until next time 🌅
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